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Strategic Exit Planning
Charting a Path to Success

Forward-thinking business owners who proactively plan and prepare for partial or complete exits from their business enjoy far better outcomes than those who don’t.  Unfortunately, most business owners fail to plan and prepare and discover too late that they could have significantly improved the outcome of an exit or liquidity transaction had they done so.


At Greymar Partners, we work closely with business owners with the aim of selecting the best exit strategy for them and preparing the company for the selected exit strategy.


Exit Strategy Selection


We help business owners clarify their goals and objectives; identify and evaluate exit and liquidity alternatives; and design and implement practical and successful strategies designed to maximize value, marketability, and proceeds upon an exit or liquidity event.


We understand the exit and liquidity strategies that are most successful for owners of privately held and family owned businesses.  Our focus is to provide perspective, clarity, and confidence so that when you select a strategy to pursue, you can feel confident that it is the most appropriate strategy for you.  In that sense, our focus is not merely on implementing a strategy correctly, but on implementing the correct strategy.

Preparing the Company 


Owners of privately held and family owned businesses usually do not manage the company with the goal or thought of preparing it for sale or raising its value.  However, this management philosophy can prove costly at the time of an exit or liquidity event.  


We work with owners in advance of an exit or liquidity event by:


·      preparing a market-based valuation study,

·      restructuring, organizing, and simplifying the business,

·      preparing normalized historical financial statements,

·      preparing pro forma financial forecasts, and

·      preparing for buyer due diligence


With proper planning and preparation well before a transaction is initiated, we can simplify and expedite the transaction process; maximize marketability, valuation, and proceeds; and increase the probability of a successful exit.  


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