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Providing professional business valuation, corporate transaction, and strategic advisory services to privately-held and family-owned companies for over 25 years.


About Greymar Partners

Greymar Partners is an independent financial advisory boutique specializing in providing professional business valuation, M&A, and strategic advisory services with a focus on the unique needs of privately-held and family-owned companies.

Business owners rely on our strategic guidance, trusted advice, and unbiased financial opinions backed by over 25 years of valuation and transaction experience to achieve their financial, transaction, and strategic objectives. 

As an independently-owned and operated boutique, we offer senior level commitment and customized service to all our clients.

Our Services

Our three complementary businesses are focused on providing expert financial opinions, trusted advice, and exceptional transaction execution.

Who We Serve

We generally work with privately-held and family-owned companies operating in the following industries:

  • Business Products and Services

  • Food Processing, Distribution, and Retail

  • Commercial Property Services

  • Transportation, Packaging, and Logistics

  • Industrial and Manufacturing

  • Financial Services and Investment Companies

  • Automotive Dealerships and Repairs

We work directly with business owners, shareholders, and entrepreneurs involved in important financial, transaction, or strategic planning initiatives.

Our goal is to work with high-quality owners of high-quality companies who understand the value of working with high-quality financial, transaction, and strategic advisors.

Representative Clients

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How We Differ

Greymar Partners is not your typical investment banking and valuation firm.  It is the combination of professional valuation and transaction expertise with a specialization in a select group of industries and owner-level commitment that sets us apart.



Industry and Transaction Specialization 


We specialize in advising privately-held and family-owned companies involved in significant change of ownership transactions.  In addition, in order to provide the most accurate valuation opinions and the best transaction advisory services to our clients, we specialize in serving clients that operate in a handful of select industries in which we possess significant expertise.

Valuation AND Transaction Expertise


Most valuation firms specialize in preparing valuations for tax and litigation purposes.  As a transaction-oriented M&A advisory firm, we have significantly more transaction experience than the typical valuation firm.  Just like it does not make sense to hire a tax or litigation attorney to handle an M&A transaction, it is essential that valuations prepared for transaction purposes be rendered by professionals who actually work on buy-side and sell-side transactions in the real world on a daily basis.  

Strategic Advisory Services

While investment banking and M&A advisory firms are only interested in working with clients on transactions, we work closely with clients well before a transaction takes place by providing strategic advisory services on a wide range of strategic financial initiatives.  

Real People, Not Software


Our business valuations are performed 100% by highly experienced professionals that hold the Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA) designation, the most respected of all business valuation credentials.  Unlike other firms, we do not rely on efficient but inaccurate valuation software programs to render important valuation opinions that can only be provided by real people with real world experience.


Independence and Size of Firm


We are an independent, owner-operated boutique.  All of our clients deal directly with the firm’s ownership and receive the customer attention and high-quality service that can only be provided by an owner-managed boutique with a deep focus on providing unparalleled customer service.

Contact Us

By Email at:

or by Phone at:


Los Angeles

445 South Figueroa Street

Suite 3100

Los Angeles, CA 90071

(213) 233-1100


San Diego

350 10th Avenue
Suite 1000
San Diego, CA 92101
(858) 964-1985


Orange County

18300 MacArthur Blvd

Suite 300

Irvine, CA 91612

(949) 214-2242

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